I am in a new place again. Possibilities bloom and waver before me. Futures are born and expire anew each day. The mountains I Ieft behind me stand stubbornly green against the skyline of my new city. Summer defies Autumn, reluctant to give way to the changing of the seasons. I write to the sounds of the world around me.  I wander this place in search of something new.

To whoever is reading these words: wherever you are, out there in the world, I speak directly to you. You may have noticed the frequency of LOCUS: A journey in search of PLACE has decreased significantly in recent months. I have rarely addressed my personal life on this blog, and it not something I plan on making a habit of. I write LOCUS to learn more about the world around me.

I felt I should speak to the readers of this blog to let them know I have not finished writing it. LOCUS: A journey in search of PLACE has merely gone into a chrysalis, resting in preparation for the metamorphosis it must go through in order to survive.

Evolve or die. This is the quest the Earth has given to all of us.

Since I started writing this blog, I have posted my words along with the photography of my husband. Sadly, we have now gone in different directions. His beautiful photographs will no longer be a part of LOCUS, but the journey I am on is not over. If anything, my quest for a place in the world has taken on new meaning.

I swim in the beauty of now. Life is new again. I go to new places where I meet new people and talk about new things. A new perspective seems the natural consequence for such a lifestyle. This is why I have chosen it. I begin again. I move forward with an open-mind, ready to see what the world has to teach me.


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