Cherokee Storytelling Bonfire

In Cherokee,NC a friendship dance is performed by firelight at the Cherokee Storytelling Bonfire.

Photograph by Brian Scott Casey

Come Listen To The Cherokee Tell Their Stories

Take a trip to the Qualla Boundary in Western North Carolina to check out the Cherokee Storytelling Bonfire as it starts back up again for the year! The first bonfire of the season will be this Friday, May 22nd at the Ocanaluftee Islands Park. This is a unique and memorable opportunity to gather fireside and listen to the Cherokee tell you their stories in their own words. Come on out and enjoy a fun and informative evening  learning about this ancient culture!

Some of you may have read about the bonfire on my blog last year. For more details, beautiful photos, and great cultural resources, click to read my post from last year here. The times and dates have changed this year, so be sure to read on for the new schedule.

Sonny Ledford of the Eastern Band of Cherokee is dressed in traditional Cherokee Garb in white, red and black with a bear claw necklace.

Photograph by Brian Scott Casey

This year’s schedule

This year, the bonfire will run from 7:00-9:00 pm. The dates are as follows: Fridays & Saturdays, May 22-September 5, 2015. Also open Monday-Thursday, June 29th – July 2nd.

The weeknights are a new occurrence this year, perhaps due in part to all the interest shown last year when the fate of the bonfire hung in the balance. Thank you to all of those who liked their Facebook page in response to last year’s plea. Be sure to head over to the Facebook page and click LIKE if you haven’t already. This lets the organizers know people want this amazing event to continue, and keeps you updated on news from the Cherokee Storytelling Bonfire.

Plan your trip!

An elk picks his way past our campsite at beautiful Mile High Campground in Cherokee, NC.

Photograph by Brian Scott Casey

To get directions to Cherokee, click here.

For more info on the Cherokee Storytelling Bonfire, click here.

Camp out a mile high! Mile High Campground is an amazing spot very nearby. If you’re lucky, you may be visited by the resident Elk!

Visit Cherokee, NC Resources to plan your trip.

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